BouwKeet is a makerspace for traditional and new crafts. In this education center, children and local residents can learn how to make things. There are workshops for metal, wood, textile and clay, as well as a fablab with the latest 3d printers and digital laser cutters, and presentation- and meeting rooms for exhibitions and lectures.


The Makerspace is situated in a former post office from the 1950s. The starting point for the transformation of the building was to create an easily accessible and inviting place that arouses curiosity and stimulates creativity. The various parts of the program are organized around an wide interior street, a multifunctional space where everyone comes together. New large façade openings at both ends of this space ensure an open connection between inside and outside. Crossing the interior street at 90 degrees angle, a communal lounge and presentation area forms the heart of the center. Skylights bring daylight deep into the building and highlight the transition into the different workshops. A internal glass façade around the entire central area makes the various activities visible and stimulates use. Steel t-profiles form a rhythmic framework, which densifies where there is need for more privacy. Holes in the t-profiles provide the possibility to attach and exhibit the objects made in the Makerspace in different ways. Bright colors have been added to the neutral base to highlight certain places and objects.


completion year: 2016 I size: 1100m2 I location: Rotterdam I client: Stichting de Verre Bergen I contractor: Stichting Pauw Rotterdam I contractor installations: Barth Installaties I contractor furniture: SV-DeJager I photography: Ossip van Duivenbode