In the cataract clinic of the Rotterdam Eye Hospital, around 7400 cataract operations are performed yearly. The patients and their companions spend an average of four hours here, returning home shortly after the surgery. Apart from the operation theatres, the clinic consists of a single large space where reception, preparation, anesthesia and post-operative treatment take place. Until recently the situation was somewhat messy, and the different steps of the treatment were spatially undefined.


The starting point for the new interior is to create an environment which provides overview and order, and thereby reducing the patient`s anxiety. The spatial organization supports an efficient work process. Every step of the treatment is given its own defined place within the open and transparent whole. These places are emphasized by recesses in the ceiling or wall and by custom made furniture. A double wall along the facade provides space for niches and cupboards. The applied materials; white plastered walls, oiled oak ceilings, and splashes of green and blue create a calm and reassuring atmosphere.





Cataract Clinic




Programme: cataract centre

Size: 300m2

Location: Rotterdam, NL

Client: The Rotterdam Eye Hospital

Contractor: Maasbouw

Photography: eklund_terbeek